What if your employees acted like they owned the company?

Our business simulations are designed to accelerate business learning and team bonding–enabling great business decisions to be made in the business environment.

Employees take the lessons from the Value-Based Management Training and, guided by the facilitator, apply them to their own value-adding roles in the organization. They learn how to view the business holistically and not just from their department or individual vantage point. They learn the language of business.


Armed with this knowledge, employees are empowered to drive bottom-line, meaningful impact for the business – in this employee empowerment training program.

In the corporate or non profit environment:

Here’s how to benefit from Value-Based Management Training

  • The ability to contribute to, and the willingness to embrace change
  • A shared language with management to facilitate business-like communications
  • A team-based approach to solving problems, making decisions and adding value
  • A practical understanding of how business (and in particular their own organization) works
  • Understanding of core business principles; how/where value is created and destroyed
  • Identifies all stakeholders – their contributions and their share in the organization
  • How each individual can impact identified value drivers
  • How to utilize business theories as tools, to help structure their business decision making

Our business is seeing your business excel.

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