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Team Business offers business education programs that improve business decision making through simulations. Our programs improve critical thinking, collaboration and business outcomes by enabling new ways of thinking in a risk-free environment with immediate impact to your business performance.

Team Business offers business education programs in the form of hands-on simulations that are designed to teach through experience.

The Team Business experiences use basic financial tools to plan production activities, resource requirements, measure performance and benchmark against the competition. Participants get to observe the outcome of their business decisions, acquiring an understanding of the relationship between decisions made and outcomes realized.

We believe in learning through doing, so we create a safe environment to make mistakes and ask questions. All of the Team Business simulations and programs are designed with the principles of peer feedback, team-building, competition, and communication. Each program is facilitated by an expert certified instructor. Team Business is able to accommodate all levels of learning, from students/interns to C-suite executives.

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Team Business is honored to work with top universities, colleges, high schools, businesses and organizations.

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Who is Team Business?

Lara Azzam headshot

Lara Azzam

President, Team Business

Lara Azzam has entrepreneur in her DNA and absolutely loves startups and being part of a start-up ecosystem! Her 25+ year career consists of building ‘firsts’ for companies ranging from non-profits, small and large manufacturing companies, technology companies and universities. The companies ranged from start-ups, including her own, to established multi-billion-dollar businesses. Lara founded Team Business in 2002 which offers experiential learning programs teaching business, leadership and team dynamics. Lara holds an MBA from The Wharton School and a Masters in International Studies from The Lauder Institute.

André Van Der Bergh headshot

André Van Der Bergh

Vice President of Programs, Team Business

Prior to embarking on a career as a facilitator of Team Business programs, André was intimately involved in the retail industry in South Africa and the Middle East for more than 25 years, specializing in process re-engineering and automation. In 1998, André began implementing Team Business programs for his retail clients with tremendous results – for example, one of his clients took 6,000 staff through the program as a part of a successful turn-around initiative. André is certified to facilitate all the programs in the Team Business portfolio and is the primary facilitator in the United States.

Ian Clark headshot

Ian Clark

Business Transformation Intervention Designer and Implementer, Team Business

Ian Clark has 45 years of experience globally in the design and implementation of experiential, active-learning, business impact programs. In 1994 he was the co-founder of Business Education Design which has played a leadership role in establishing Experiential Learning worldwide. His work spans private, non-profit, economic development and education sectors, and thousands of participants have experienced and benefited from his programs. Ian is the author of the book Transformation by Design.

Chris Dykes headshot

Chris Dykes

Founder, Infinity Learning

Infinity Learning is a consultancy that assists corporates with Broad-Based Black Economic Development (BEE), growth strategies, skills training, social, and entrepreneurial development programmes. Not only has Infinity Learning worked with multiple corporates to help drive profitability, but it has also helped hundreds of black entrepreneurs, distributed over 50,000 reading books to township and rural schools and is driving a program to promote learning strategies as part of a vision to contribute to quality learning and life-skills within South Africa. Chris Dykes has an MBA from the Wits Business School.

Ian Widdop headshot

Ian Widdop

Learning Consultant

Ian has over 30 years of experience in business leadership, and marketing and sales strategy consulting. His expertise includes Business Coaching, Project Management, Facilitation and Training. He has facilitated more than ten thousand hours of 1-1 and group/team learning and development sessions. People find him creative in facilitating personal development. Ian holds a degree from Oxford University in liberal arts - Greek and Latin literature, ancient history and philosophy.

Mark Peters headshot

Mark Peters

Strategy Facilitator

Mark, born in Ireland, started his career as a commercial banker and then moved to the Ford Foundation researching financing of small business and community development, based in South Africa. This research involved working directly with Community Investment Banks in 12 countries over 30 months. Thereafter, Mark has worked extensively in academia both as a senior lecturer in marketing and strategy and as an administrator as the Managing Director of The Graduate Institute of Management, the Director of Henley Management College and as the Director of Executive Education at Wits Business School.

Mark holds an MBA, with Distinction, from Brunel and Henley Management College UK, a Graduate Diploma in Company Direction, Diplomas in Finance, HR, IR and PDM (UK). He holds the MASA Chartered Marketer designation and an IEDP from London Business School. He is a PhD Candidate at UFS Business School, studying competencies of Boards of Directors. He has won distinguished teaching awards at GIMT, Henley & WBS, and was awarded a case teaching scholarship to Harvard Business School in 2008.

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