Our experience can improve your learning experience.

Team Business believes that hands-on experiences are the best way to build business experience. So our goal is to create safe places for those experiences to happen.

Team Business is honored to work with top universities, colleges,

high schools, businesses and organizations.

See Our Programs in Action

Through Team Business, participants in our summer programs had the opportunity to link theory and practice, learn about business principles and see them play out in real time. The hands-on simulation Team Business runs gives participants subject knowledge and, moreover, the wisdom to turn their knowledge into action.

Dr. Anne Greenhalgh

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

We have engaged Team Business every year because they do a remarkable job. They are professional, fun, deeply engaged in the development process, and the results are always stellar … They were instantly open to our ideas and integrated them into their standard program with ease. Their flexibility, business acumen and collaborative spirit makes them a pleasure to work with.

Patricia Hayling Price

Management Leadership for Tomorrow

It was an amazing way to learn about how to minimize costs to maximize revenue. It really brought our team closer together and was very enjoyable.

David Banner

Dartmouth University

Team Business offers business education programs in the form of hands-on simulations that are designed to teach through experience.

The Team Business experiences use basic financial tools to plan production activities, resource requirements, measure performance and benchmark against the competition. Participants get to observe the outcome of their business decisions, acquiring an understanding of the relationship between decisions made and outcomes realized.

We believe in learning through doing, so we create a safe environment to make mistakes and ask questions. All of the Team Business simulations and programs are designed with the principles of peer feedback, team-building, competition, and communication. Each program is facilitated by an expert certified instructor. Team Business is able to accommodate all levels of learning, from interns to C-suite executives.

Who is Team Business?

Lara Azzam
President, Team Business

Lara Azzam has worked in the telecommunications sector in sales and marketing since 1991. She gained extensive marketing experience including customer communications, direct acquisition and retention marketing, marketing strategy and marketing campaign performance analysis, as well as sales and sales operations. She was responsible for business process redesign and the development of a web based workflow management application for a high technology sales organization.

Lara founded the US operation for Team Business and is responsible for launching the Team Business product portfolio in the US marketplace. Lara holds an MBA from Wharton Business School and a Masters in International Studies from Lauder Institute.

André van der Bergh
Vice President of Programs, Team Business

Prior to embarking on a career as a facilitator of Team Business programs, André was intimately involved in the retail industry in South Africa and the Middle East for more than 25 years, specializing in process re-engineering and automation.

In 1998, André began implementing Team Business programs for his retail clients with tremendous results – for example, one of his clients took 6,000 staff through the program as a part of a successful turn-around initiative. André is certified to facilitate all the programs in the Team Business portfolio and is the primary facilitator in the United States.

Lela Mrakovic
Middle East and Croatia

For over 25 years Lela Mrakovic has worked in varying industries including retail, real estate, tourism, publishing, and recruitment. For most of her career she was an entrepreneur and successfully established several new businesses, from concept to fully operational status.

Lela knows the real world challenges of managing all areas of business including marketing & PR, business development and planning, recruitment and staff training.  Her broad experience and sound leadership skills bring experience and insight to the challenge of business education.