The TEAM and TEAM + are team building workshops. These workshops expose participants to how team dynamics in the workplace strongly impact business relationships and performance. They can be run in a full or half day experiential learning workshop.

The TEAM and TEAM + programs, place participants under extreme time and challenge pressures to create an environment for behavioral observation under stress.


In this “safe” learning environment, peoples’ true personalities are exposed and they learn how to enhance their strengths and work on their weaknesses, in a non-threatening environment. This creates a great environment for behaviors to be observed and a platform for leadership coaching.

Why run the TEAM+ Team Building Workshop in the Corporate or Non-Profit Environment?

During the team building workshop, employees gain valuable personal leadership and team working lessons, which they can apply when they return to their organization.

  • Break down functional silos
  • Encourage cooperation across departments
  • A shared language with management to facilitate business-like communications
  • A team-based approach to solving problems, making decisions and adding value
  • The ability to contribute to, and the willingness to embrace change

Participants learn not only about the importance of teamwork, communication and team dynamics in the work place, but also their own strengths and limitations in intense situations. The emotional power of these interactions has a powerful and lasting effect and is for many a road to increased self-awareness and self-confidence.

Key Learnings:

  • A view into the participants individual behavior under stress
  • Interesting insight into the power or weakness of collective decision making
  • A sound understanding of the decision making and thinking processes of their team members
  • The experience breaks down barriers and encourages cooperation beyond the workshop
  • Team dynamics in the workplace

Why run the TEAM Building Workshop in the Education Environment?

Educational institutions usually use TEAM at the beginning of a course, which brings people together, who did not previously know one another. The extreme bonding that occurs, enables all future coursework and projects to execute more seamlessly. The team building workshop experience accelerates the natural stages of team performance.

A creative use of the TEAM workshop is as a leadership observation and selection tool. Applicants undergo an intensive application and interview process, which narrows the candidate pool down to a short list of strong candidates. The finalists participate in the TEAM program and their behaviors are measured against desired leadership traits for their role as leadership coaches.

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