Critial Financial Accumen

Whether in the corporate, non-profit, hospital or university environment, accounting can be a difficult topic to learn and understand. Understanding accounting is fundamental to knowing the “business” of your business and making sound business decisions.

Accounting Comes Alive helps participants understand the basis for sound financial decision making, which drives business decisions.

Our proprietary system, Color Accounting uses color, visual and tactile techniques to quickly and easily help participants understand and analyze financial information. This one-day experience uses diagrams and logical colors to show graphically how accounting works and as a result builds a potent model of how business works. Once participants gain a visual understanding of how accounting works, they will be able to navigate financial statements, regardless of how complex.

What adds to the uniqueness of our program, is that it begins by using lay terms - terms anyone can understand and then incorporates the formal language of accounting once the participants gain confidence in the financial concepts.

In the seminar, participants are presented with real business scenarios, which must be analyzed using standard accounting principles and terminology.

The result is your employees will use a common language, understand where they fit in, and know-how they impact profitability. In the end… they will make better business decisions.

In our accounting workshops, every participant will be exposed to key financial concepts:

  • A clear appreciation that accounting is fundamental in understanding business
  • And therefore how this helps make sound business decisions
  • The process and concepts involved in Financial Analysis
  • Interpreting balance sheets and income statements
  • Profitability and Loss
  • Management Ratios
  • Standard Financial Reporting
  • Business and Financial Communication

Employees take the lessons from our accounting seminars and, guided by the facilitator, utilize them in interpreting your financials.

  • Confidence in reading and interpreting your financial statements
  • Use financial analysis to drive your business decision-making
  • Justify business decisions
  • Use financials to collaborate with your colleagues and to explain the “why” of business decisions

Participants will have an intense - yet fun experience whose impact goes beyond learning and into discovery.

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