We teach the hard-learned lessons of business, through face-to-face experiences.

Fast-track your team’s business acumen with hands-on business training simulations. For anyone from students to executives, Team Business can help turn principles of business operation into habits.

There’s an easier way to learn the hard way.

We break down the interdependencies and the complex systems of your business–the things that aren’t on the surface–and address the problems that your team faces. We don’t just identify the failure of systems, we facilitate your cross functional team to find solutions.

It’s more than team building. Our proven and trusted simulations realign team members to the shared vision and common goal of your business, regardless of capabilities and skills. All the while, reinforcing the core building blocks of good business sense.

Through Team Business, participants in our summer programs had the opportunity to link theory and practice, learn about business principles and see them play out in real time. The hands-on simulation Team Business runs gives participants subject knowledge and, moreover, the wisdom to turn their knowledge into action.

Dr. Anne Greenhalgh

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

We have engaged Team Business every year because they do a remarkable job. They are professional, fun, deeply engaged in the development process, and the results are always stellar … They were instantly open to our ideas and integrated them into their standard program with ease. Their flexibility, business acumen and collaborative spirit makes them a pleasure to work with.

Patricia Hayling Price

Management Leadership for Tomorrow

It was an amazing way to learn about how to minimize costs to maximize revenue. It really brought our team closer together and was very enjoyable.

David Banner

Dartmouth University


Education Programs

Our simulations give professors, teachers, students, and faculty a hands-on experience that enriches their education. We are not a replacement for the lessons learned, we augment the classroom with practical and fundamental experience-based examples that help to make the curriculum real.


Enhance the offerings to your internship program by giving participants actionable workshops that teach them foundational principles. These programs enhance their contribution to your business during their internship, as well as reveal important character and behavioral traits.


Our group simulations and narrative-based exercises help your team fully comprehend what complex set of decisions go into making a business work. We work alongside your team, guiding them through a structured program. Better than a trust fall.