Accounting Comes Alive

Critical Financial Literacy

The Accounting Comes Alive program gives participants complete financial literacy training through real life business scenarios using our trademarked process known as Color Accounting™.

Accounting Comes Alive completely eliminates the guesswork and the complexity normally associated with accounting principles, so that participants of all backgrounds and knowledge levels can acquire broad-based financial literacy.

Teams are presented with real business scenarios which must be analyzed using standard accounting principles and terminology. Our unique financial literacy program uses a unique and clever color-coding system which solidifies their understanding.

Accounting Comes Alive helps participants understand the basis for sound financial decision making, which drives business decisions.

Understanding accounting is fundamental to knowing your business and making sound business decisions. Financial literacy is a broad subject. At a minimum, every participant will be exposed to some key financial concepts:

  • A clear appreciation that accounting is fundamental in understanding business
  • And therefore how this helps make sound business decisions
  • Interpreting balance sheets and income statements
  • Profitability and Loss
  • Management Ratios
  • Standard Financial Reporting
  • Business and Financial Communication

No one gets to hide in a team business workshop.

Participants will inevitably discover things about their behavior under stress and their innate abilities, all cultivated in a safe and supportive learning environment. Participants will have an intense–yet fun–experience whose impact goes beyond just learning, and into self discovery.