Hospitals employ staff that are talented medical professionals – they likely lack business acumen knowledge and experience.  With the dramatic changes taking place in the hospital industry, business skills are now a critical factor for a hospital’s profitability and viability.  Our business workshops fast track business acumen learning through hands-on, group based experiences.  In one day, medical staff can learn business concepts and begin to deploy them to their individual challenges, as well as those of their hospital. When Team Business workshops are deployed across departments and roles, it results in stronger collaboration, driving better patient care and financial results.

Client Story

  • $1.4B in Revenues, Multi-Regional Hospital

    Learning and Development Organization
    $1.4B Multi-Regional Hospital

    I design curriculum for our high potential medical professionals and administrators running multi-million dollar business units. These are very talented medical professionals with limited business experience – I needed a tool to rapidly teach them business. They needed to understand their business drivers and constraints and to uncover what to do about them.   Team Business provided them with business tools and theories to structure their thinking.

    Our high-potential leaders gained perspective on the Classic 10 business theories, and directly applied that knowledge in strategic action learning projects that benefited our organization. The facilitated discussion of the Team Business Classic 10 theories helped the group make strong connections from the practical application in the simulation to how our business operates. That segment was rated highest out of all the ones we had at the two-day leadership workshop.

    Both André and Lara explain finance, accounting and business management concepts eloquently, and with a delightful bit of humor. They make the business theories come to life through excellent real-world examples.

    The Box simulation was fun! All the participants had a great time getting to know each other as they were “running their businesses.”  The simulation had a dual purpose for us: it served as a team-building exercise, as well as a way to teach the group about financial and business management concepts that can be applied in our organization.

    André meets the participants where they are. We had several medical and health care professionals in our group, and they were able to understand concepts quickly, so André adjusted the content in the moment to reflect the fast pace the participants wanted.

    It is also so easy to work with Lara and André to customize the workshop and materials for the needs of our learners.

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