Value Based Management

What if your employees acted like they owned the company?

The Value Based Management program is a dynamic, hands-on business workshop that helps your employees make better decisions for your business and trains them to understand the decisions of their colleagues, resulting in improved profitability.

This program picks up where BOX+ left off, and takes the learning from the simulation and applies it to your real business.

Your employees learn about your business, its challenges and opportunities, and how they, as individuals or leaders can make your business more successful.

  1. Your organization’s vision is reiterated
  2. Participants analyze their function as if it were a business
  3. Identify their key internal suppliers and customers
  4. Determine their key value drivers
  5. Analyze how to maximize these drivers
  6. Develop a plan of action, including milestones and measurements
  7. Finally, they take the plans back to the workplace and implement and track them

How This Helps Your Workplace

Employees take the lessons from the simulation and, guided by the facilitator, apply them to their own value-adding roles in the organization:

  • The ability to contribute to, and the willingness to embrace change
  • A shared language with management to facilitate business-like communications
  • A team-based approach to solving problems, making decisions and adding value
  • A practical understanding of how business (and in particular their own organization) works
  • Understanding of core business principles; how/where value is created and destroyed
  • Identifies all stakeholders – their contributions and their share in the organization
  • How each individual can impact identified value drivers
  • How to utilize business theories as tools, to help structure their business decision making

Better manage and improve your corporation’s unique challenges.

Participants will inevitably discover things about their behavior under stress and their innate abilities, all cultivated in a safe and supportive learning environment. Participants will have an intense–yet fun–experience whose impact goes beyond just learning, and into self discovery.

Teams typically have 4-8 members each, and a workshop can be up to 30 people. Ideal for either cross-functional, multi-level, “in tact” teams or leadership teams. The program can be run in 1 full day or 2 half-day sessions.