The TEAM Program

Leadership, Teamwork, Strategy, and Execution

The TEAM workshop teaches teamwork skills and creates bonds in a group that last beyond the workshop. In this simulation, business competition among the teams is structured to be particularly intense and dynamic. As the workshop progresses, new business challenges put competitors under extreme time pressure, allowing teams to observe behaviors under stress.

Participants learn not only about the importance of teamwork and communication, but also their own strengths and limitations in intense situations. The emotional power of these interactions has a powerful and lasting effect and is for many, a road to increased self awareness and self confidence.

The TEAM simulation is a highly effective workshop for teaching the interdependence of teams in achieving business objectives through fast-paced and dynamic competition.

  • A view into the participants individual behavior under stress
  • Interesting insight into the power or weakness of collective decision making
  • A sound understanding of the decision making and thinking processes of their team members
  • The experience breaks down barriers and encourages cooperation beyond the workshop

No one gets to hide in a team business workshop.

Participants will inevitably discover things about their behavior under stress and their innate abilities, all cultivated in a safe and supportive learning environment. Participants will have an intense–yet fun–experience whose impact goes beyond just learning, and into self discovery. Students come away with many important experiences.

Teams typically have 4-10 members each, and a workshop can be up to 50 people. Participants of all disciplines can participate. The program can be run in 1 full day or 2 half-day sessions.