Critical Financial Literacy

Understanding accounting is understanding business. Our unique, patent pending Color Accounting system, assists youth, who may not yet have life experiences to help them relate to the topic, to “get” accounting and business.

In the education environment:

Color Accounting is a revolutionary new way of quickly and easily understanding financial information in one day. Our financial literacy program uses diagrams and logical colors to show graphically how accounting works – it builds a potent model of how business works. Students go from having zero accounting competency to analyzing real financial statements, using accounting terminology in just one day!

Too many financial literacy programs for teens or youth use the lecture or transfer method of teaching to teach accounting. Accounting Comes Alive is a financial literacy program that is interactive, hands-on and uses scenario based methods to teach accounting.

In our accounting workshops, every student will be exposed to key financial concepts:

  • A clear appreciation that accounting is fundamental in understanding business
  • And therefore how this helps make sound business decisions
  • Interpreting balance sheets and income statements
  • Profitability and Loss
  • Management Ratios
  • Standard Financial Reporting
  • Business and Financial Communication

Our business is seeing your business excel.

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