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Our group workshops and narrative-based exercises help your team fully comprehend what complex set of decisions go into making a business work. We work alongside your team, guiding them through a structured program. Our programs can deliver value as a team building experience and can rapidly improve the business decisions your teams make – leading to better collaboration and business results. If you offer internship programs, enhance your offerings by giving participants actionable workshops that teach them foundational business principles. These programs enhance their contribution to your business during their internship, as well as reveal important character and behavioral traits.

Client Story

  • Aluminum Manufacturing Company

    Aluminum Manufacturing Company

    We were a business that was in financial trouble – when we engaged Team Business, there was a strong chance we would go out of business or into Chapter 11. I needed a tool to help my staff think like real business people – understanding the implications of each decision they were making. I needed creative ideas and solutions to be brought to the table - fast. Team Business’ program, BOX+ helped my staff think across the whole business and not just in their functional silos. At a time when my leadership team was under incredible stress, the Team Business folks brought solid business thinking, a tremendous amount of fun and engaged my whole team in becoming a part of the solution.

  • $30B in Revenues, Global Healthcare Solutions Company

    Learning and Development Organization
    $30B Global Healthcare Solutions Company

    Team Business was engaged to run the Value Based Management (VBM), experiential learning workshop to address the enterprise-wide objective of increasing business acumen competency across all staff levels and disciplines.Our staff is comprised of talented engineers and technologists.  We needed a tool to help our specialized practitioners understand the end-to-end business impact of the decisions they were making.

    Historically, our product leaders focused on developing innovative, life saving devices where we surpassed quality targets without exception. As we expanded our market reach and moved into new products and therapies, our staff struggled to shift their mindset to the new products and markets we were serving. In addition, while our focus had been so product intensive, we now needed our staff to think more broadly to incorporate markets, customer needs and expectations, competition, opportunity identification and cross business unit collaboration.

    Team Business’ Value Based Management helped us to shift our mindsets and equipped us to be more strategic in how we achieve our multi-level objectives in the one program, in just two days.  We could bring cross-business unit staff and teams together to experience the Value Based Management simulation. The simulation created an environment of collaboration, taught solid business acumen and encouraged cross role thinking.  Following the simulation, the program then turned the discussion to real challenges in our business and the teams worked towards identifying ideas and deploying solutions to meet these objectives.

  • $26M in Revenues, 130 employees GlowPoint

    Michael Brandofino
    Former CEO GlowPoint  

    I was CTO for a small publicly traded company that was having difficulty and in 2006 I took over as CEO and had to make drastic changes to stop the bleeding and turn the company around. Interestingly we had invested the prior year in the Team Business Program where we cycled all of our employees through the program.

    The BOX+ experience gave the employees an understanding of the challenges and decisions that must be made to drive a business and more importantly the ramifications of those decisions. When it came time to right size the staff, our employees understood that it was to save other jobs and help us focus on fixing the company. We were successful and the company still exists today because the team pulled together and leveraged things they learned in the program.

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