The Classic 10 Program

MBA In A Day

The Business Simulation: Part One
Participants engage in a highly challenging, competitive business simulation. Over a series of five business cycles, they are presented with a range of strategic challenges, taught the relevant business theory and required to make business decisions, using the theories provided. Working in teams, they face the challenges, make decisions, implement them, see the results, and reflect on their performance.

The Application to your Company: Part Two
Designed to ensure that learning does not just remain learning, but is applied for profit maximization in your specific company. It enables participants to now use the theories and decision-making processes they have acquired in relation to their individual work situations.

10 classic business theories and demonstrations on how to use them to structure your business decision making process and result in bottom-line impact.

The 10 theories taught:

  1. The Business Decision-Making Cycle
  2. The Profit Triangle
  3. Demand and Supply Theory
  4. Porter’s Sub Sector Theory
  5. The Product Life Cycle
  6. The Four P’s of Marketing
  7. Marketing Segmentation Theory
  8. Product Differentiation Theory
  9. Valency Theory
  10. Value Chain Analysis

Prior to running the program, company specific case studies are generated. The tools from the simulation, plus additional business tools that are provided are then applied by the teams to these company case studies. It is our experience that real opportunities and solutions are identified, analyzed and action plans initiated. In the process of discussing the cases, most of the participants will move from an operational/problem orientation to a strategic/opportunity one.

How This Helps Your Workplace

Having completed the simulation, participants are able to translate and apply the theories and demonstrations directly to the challenges faced by the business. Participants will:

  • Gain an applied understanding of classic business theories
  • Understand the business logic underpinning executive decisions
  • Understand why clarifying the objective is critical to effective decision-making
  • Learn how to translate strategy into effective operational decisions
  • Learn how to make decisions for your own function that align with corporate strategy
  • Move from an operational mode of thinking to that of a strategic one
  • Learn how to effectively communicate decisions to others

Better preparation for every-day business operation.

Participants will inevitably discover things about their behavior under stress and their innate abilities, all cultivated in a safe and supportive learning environment. Participants will have an intense–yet fun–experience whose impact goes beyond just learning, and into self discovery.

Teams typically have 4-5 members each, and a workshop can be up to 20 people. Designed for mid-level and senior managers. Part 1 of the program can be run in 1 full day or 2 half-day sessions. Part 2 is a half-day session of applying the training to your business.